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In 2012, Mary J. Clark and Valerie I. Steiner established the LAW firm of Clark & Steiner, Ltd., which is focused exclusively on DIVORCE AND family law in Lake COUNTY, Cook COUNTY, and McHenry COUNTY, Illinois.

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Clark & Steiner’s lawyers are highly experienced.  Our Lake County divorce lawyer have vast experience in the field of divorce and family law matters and are well-established.  Mary Clark has practiced law in the Chicago and suburban Chicago area for over 35 years.  Valerie Steiner has exclusively practiced divorce and family law in the Chicago and suburban Chicago area for over 9 years and prior to that, for several years in Michigan.  All of our lawyers bring experience from other areas of the law, which is extremely useful in developing effective strategies on behalf of our clients.  For example, our Lake Forest divorce lawyers have experience in business law, criminal law, estate planning, probate, real estate transactions, immigration law, and other areas.  Utilizing the depth of our experience and knowledge, our Lake County divorce lawyers represent clients in complicated and demanding custody litigation and extremely complex financial matters.  Divorce often requires knowledge and experience in other areas of the law, so our Lake County divorce lawyers’ broad experience has proven highly effective.


Divorce is a loaded word.  Divorce means the division of your family unit and your finances, both of which you believed would remain as one unit forever.  If you have children, your divorce will involve determining custody (decision-making responsibilities), parenting time, and child support.  Your divorce will also involve determining what assets and liabilities are subject to division and allocating of those assets and liabilities.  In some cases, maintenance (also known as spousal support and alimony) will be determined.   These are not simple issues and impact all areas of your life.  If divorce has entered your vocabulary, you need to speak with one of our respected and trusted Lake County divorce lawyers today. 

During your initial consultation, a Lake County divorce lawyer will explain the process and implications of a divorce on your family and we will answer your questions.  This is information you need to make the initial decision to pursue a divorce, how to initiate the divorce, or respond to a divorce.  After your initial consultation, you will feel confident in your decision to hire our Lake Forest divorce lawyers to be your advocate and advisor during this critical time in your life.    



Clark & Steiner’s practice is not limited to divorce.  Our Lake County divorce lawyers represent clients in other areas of family law, including but not limited to premarital and postnuptial agreements, parentage, custody, child support, and orders of protections.  Due to the breadth of experience of our lawyers, we also represent clients in probate, criminal and other matters that touch upon divorce or family law.  The principles we employ with our divorce clientele is also employed with our family law clients.   We take significant pride in the quality of our service to our clients.   If you have a family law question, you should call our Lake County divorce lawyers today.   

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Please contact Clark & Steiner, Ltd., to schedule a consultation with a reputable Lake County divorce lawyer.  Experienced representation in divorce and family law is just a phone call away.

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Call Clark & Steiner today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our divorce and family law lawyers.  The initial consultation is an opportunity for you to gather information and have your questions answered.  Even if you have not yet made a decision to proceed on your divorce or family law issue, the initial consultation will provide you with vital information as you are considering your options.  It is important to us that you have your questions answered in a timely manner.  If your situation is an emergency, do not wait to call Clark & Steiner.  We act fast understanding the importance of the issues you face. 

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Contact a Lake County divorce lawyer at our family law firm today to schedule a consultation.  Experienced representation in divorce and family law in Lake, Cook or McHenry County is just a phone call away.

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Clark & Steiner’s lawyers are savvy and thorough.   No two families are identical.  Similarly, no two divorces are identical.  Therefore, why would you hire an attorney who applies the same strategy to every divorce?  You shouldn’t.  At Clark & Steiner, our Lake County divorce lawyers delve into your specific circumstances and utilize our broad experience, vast knowledge, and creative thinking to tailor a strategy unique to your case. 

Communication is a priority at Clark & Steiner.  Our Lake County divorce lawyers’ ability to develop a partnership with our clients distinguishes us from other law firms.  This partnership allows us to develop the most effective strategies for each client’s situation.  Communication is a core principle at Clark & Steiner, Ltd., and decisions are made with our clients after we ensure our clients’ understanding of their legal options and possible outcomes.   Our clients have direct access to the Lake Forest divorce lawyers who represent them; unlike in larger firms where clients are often shuffled between several lawyers.   With our knowledge and experience, you will feel confident that you understand your options and are making informed decisions about your future.

About Us

In 2012, Mary J. Clark and Valerie I. Steiner established the law firm of Clark & Steiner, Ltd., which is focused exclusively on divorce and family law in Lake, Cook, and McHenry Counties.  Prior to establishing Clark & Steiner, Mary and Valerie worked at one of the largest family law firms in the country – Mary was the only female equity partner.   Mary and Valerie chose to leave the large firm environment to form Clark & Steiner, as a boutique practice to better serve the individual needs of each client.  The quality of our analysis, advocacy and work product rivals what is expected of big firms and at the same time, we provide the personalized service of small firms.  

Our family law firm aggressively advocates, litigates and negotiates on behalf of our clients’ interests and draw from their vast experience and depth of knowledge to achieve our clients’ desired results.  We are compassionate with our clients and sensitive to the delicacy of the issues our clients face under these difficult circumstances.  Our method of practice has proven to be exceedingly successful.  As a testament to the confidence our clients have in our practice, our clientele is primarily comprised of referrals from former clients and colleagues.  We also have received referrals from clients of our opposing counsel. We take pride in the high level of service our firm provides to our clients and look forward to continuing our success on your behalf.