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Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

A divorce is legally referred to as a dissolution of marriage in Illinois.   A divorce is fundamentally a lawsuit and is initiated by filing a petition with the court.  To finalize the divorce, the court will enter a judgment by agreement or following a trial.

A divorce requires the resolution of many issues including but not limited to determination of the following: parental responsibilities involving minor children (formerly called custody and visitation); child support and contribution to child-related expenses such as school expenses, medical expenses and extracurricular expenses; maintenance of a spouse (also known as alimony or spousal support); allocation of assets and liabilities between the spouses (also known as property division); and other issues.  Please refer to the specific links on these topics for more information.    

Given that a divorce impacts all aspects of your life, it is crucial to have an experienced and trusted attorney to represent you.  At Clark & Steiner, we will provide you with intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate representation to ensure you are in the best position to resume your life after divorce.  Our attorneys are thorough, detailed, and creative in our analysis and approach and draw from our deep breadth of knowledge to achieve success on your behalf. 

Settlement and Trial

Our court system is designed to encourage individuals to reach a settlement of all issues involved in a divorce, including child-related and financial issues.  Often, it is in the client’s best interests to structure an agreeable settlement in lieu of having a third party judge determine issues following a trial.  It is imperative that you have highly qualified attorneys to negotiate and draft these important and often binding settlement documents on your behalf.  Our attorneys are skillful negotiators.  We provide detailed analysis of the issues and offer creative solutions to complex problems in order to give settlement the best possible chance of success.  Additionally, Clark & Steiner’s attorneys are masterful drafters of settlement agreements involving complex child-related and financial issues.  At Clark & Steiner, you will feel confident that your attorneys are considering your case from all angles to achieve the best possible result on your behalf.

At times, a trial is unavoidable or the best option to achieve the client’s desired results.  Clark & Steiner will work with you to ensure you understand all of your options, including trial, and the possible outcomes that may result from your decision.  It is extremely important to us that you make an educated decision to proceed to trial or enter into a settlement.  It may be necessary to employ experts such as custody evaluators, property appraisers, business appraisers, retirement appraisers, vocational experts, accountants, or lifestyle experts prior to finalizing a settlement or in preparation for a trial.  Clark & Steiner will review the circumstances specific to your case and work with you to develop the best strategy for resolution.  If a trial is unavoidable or the best option for you, our attorneys are skillful, well-prepared and ardent litigators to advocate on your behalf.     


In an effort to reach an agreement on either child-related or financial issues, mediation may be the best option for you.  Mediators assist individuals with reaching an agreement.  Mediators do not represent either spouse and cannot provide a spouse with legal advice.  Clark & Steiner’s attorneys consult with our clients who are in mediation to ensure our clients understand the legal and practical impact of possible settlement options discussed in mediation.  We also review and draft agreements reached in mediation to ensure the agreements conform to Clark & Steiner’s high standards of drafting and reflect the intentions of our clients.